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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jake and His Notty

Sometimes we wonder why our towel and blanket smell like Jake. And he does not have a very nice smell.

After my dad bath every night he will hang his towel on the rack in the kitchen. Sometimes we wonder why the towel is on the floor. Then he would ask why does my towel smell of Jake. We sad don't know. Yesterday I just happen to walk in the kitchen and caught Jake doing this. He is quite smart he can use his leg to move the towel. So at first the towel fell on the stand of the rack and I think it hurts him when he roll coz out the two rod there. So he move it so that he can roll freely on the floor. Actually after this video.. I yell "Dad see ... what" that is all the words I got out.. Coz he stop and run out and look at my dad as if to say i didn't do anything... Why she yelling for.

I bought a new Ikea quilt. It has duck feature and I think Jake thinks that it is food so this is what he did when i used it.


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