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Friday, November 30, 2007

Dinner with Li Mae

I promise Li Mae that I will bring her out to dinner during the holiday. Finally yesterday we managed to go. It was just her and me because Li Sha had exam. Had to pick Li Mae up from Sunyway.. (It was so jam getting there but can't complain coz I said i would pick her up). Finally managed to find the place. You know smart me never listen can listen to instruction or read map well... but still manage to find the place.

Thought of eating at Pymarid but then made read some sign wrong so ended up in Subang Parade. I offer TGIF to Li Mae but she said No.. so we end up at Swensen. I think it was the attraction of the ice cream.

We each order our meal. Li Mae ordered Mega Burger and I order fried chicken.

Look at de Li Mae eating the Mega burger.

I forgot to say in the pic on the menu the mega burger had veggie in it. But to most of you that know li mae SHE DONT EAT VEGGIE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. (No wonder she is going to be a doctor not a dietician). So you ask did she pick the veggie out. No we got a bit of class so therefore we ask for the veggie on the side.

Well you ask ask did Li Mae finish the burger.

Take a look at the pic.. the burger doesn't look eaten but you notice that the ice cream sudae dish at the side is finish. She try to hide her face...


Blogger kljs said...

Now that's a HUGE burger!

Can I have a bite?


December 1, 2007 at 9:14 AM  

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