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Friday, July 4, 2008

Goodbye Little Phoebe

Goodbye my little Phoebe. (I am sorry I dont actually have a photo of you in my new notebook, so i have to take from li sha blog)

I am going to miss you. I am going to miss you running outside to greet me when I come over and then you screaming and running into the house to tell the people I am here.

I am going to miss calling you "Phoebe" rather rudely and Mumsey scolding me for talking to you like that. Mumsey will always scold me for calling you so rudely, she say I must call you "my little darling". I want you to know that I actually like you alot coz you are so cute and loveable.

The Tohs and going to miss you so much and I know how much joy you have brought into their lives. They really love you so much and I am sure that you love them just as much.

Everytime I drop the girls off you will come running to them and I would be so happy to see you greet them. I know that you will protect them. The first thing normally I do when I reach your house will be to look for you. You will always be the first one to greet me. I am really going to miss that. You will always be willing to greet me and talk to me. You are never too busy to come and greet me.

But I know you are with God and in His care. He will take care of you. You are now running around like before. Please know that we love you and will miss you alot.

Please say Hi to Maverick for me.


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