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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't understand Singapore

I drove down to Singapore for work on Sunday. It was a very smooth drive. As my usual style I didn't drive slow. So managed to reach there like 4 hours plus. There was abit of jam on the 2nd link but then when we look across and saw the traffic that was heading out of Sinagpore. It was very very jam... my mind was thinking thank goodness I am not caught in that jam....

Came back on Monday night. Left my Singaporae office together with my boss and colleague at about 7 pm. We headed out. Traffic was a heavy to the 2nd link but then I would expect it as people was heading home.

Boy !!!!! nothing prepare me for when I reach the 2nd link. My goodness the jam was so terrible. We had about a 5 km jam and that was just cars. When we look at motorcycle lane it was terrible. People in motor cycle actually switch off their engine and push the bike as they move coz it was so jam. We were stuck there was nearly 1 and half hour.

When we near the immigartion we found out why. Only 7 counters were open and at that time and we are talking about peak hour traffic. Don't understand why they wanted to only open 7 counters.

Okie... fine maybe save money from paying salary of the goverment staff... and make ppl spend more on petrol...

Then this is the part I don't understand. Just before we leave Singapore... They made EVERYONE... get out of the car and do a THUMBPRINT. Everyone get out of car... THUMBPRINT... and the best part is we Just THUMBPRINT. They no need to key any information into pc never ask for my name or anything... Don't understand...

That was the cause of the jam.. it will take at least 2 mins for each car...

All i can say I am so glad to be home and I am so sad that I will be going back again soon. :-(.


Blogger YozoraNiteSky said...

i wonder if it would be much better if you have come back after dinner, past the peak hour? might still reach home at the same time :)

July 11, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

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