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Monday, July 7, 2008

Sometimes Things Happen and We don't Understand

Sometimes things happen without us knowing the reason for it. We can't know what plan God has for each one of us, coz He will reveal it in his own time. As I look back at my life there times when I also question God as to why He did certain things and how come things don't turn out the way I THOUGHT or WANTED it to. But I can declare NOW that I trully believe that God Know better.

For example God make me take my 1st job in a company in Damansara Jaya, I had a few offers at that time but I dont why he make me chose that company. Well as a result of that I got to know this person call Mumsey who happens to have 4 girls or at that time 3 and one 4 months in the tummy. People who know me well.. will know how my life has changed because of this family. Change for the better OF COURSE... Do I thank God for putting this family in my life YES.

Then I move on another company and from there I have gained my good frens. So what can I say to that.. only Thank God.

Is the journey to understand what God has plan for us long and hard. Yes because a lot of the time we can want immediate solutions. But that is not God plan and timing. Sometimes we have to wait and wait.. But all will be reveal.

Mumsey...I know you miss Phoebe but trust and beleive that she is in a Better place. Know that you did the Best that you could for her. Don't go blaming yrself for what happen. Nobody who know you and people who don't know you but hear abt the way You TREAT her can doubt your love for her. Like the girls always tell m Mummy treat Phoebe better than she treats us. THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

You think Phoebe will be happy knowing you are so upset. Let Phoebe be at peaceful knowing fully that you are OK, missing her badly but you are OK.

(Aiyo... i thought i will telling these things to Li Sha... but I am very proud of Li Sha... mmm... as for Mumsey... please stop it.)


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