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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What are they looking for?

I was drove down to Singapore alone. As usual it was quite a smooth drive down and had no jam until I reach the Singapore side. I am always amaze by how they search our car and the things they made us do.

I remember during driving trip down I was subjected to :-

1. Taking temperature (because of SARS)
2. Having to open all the bags in the boot because I don't what they looking for
3. Being thumbprint

The last few trips I went down was OK. Not too many searching in car just open the boot and that it.

But this trip down it changed again. This trip had to get out of the car and then the army personnel take a torch light (like the CSI people and shine in the car). They shine the torch light under my sterling wheel and under the seat of my car. They search the side compartment of my car and the compartment behind my driver seat. Why I don't know....

(hehe... lucky they didn't do it during my last two trips down... i actually had a DVD there and it was those that I bought for Rm 8. Lucky I took it out before this trip)

I dont why they doing this search and what they looking for. But I notice that there were a few cars they wanted to do a 100% search. They actually ask the car to move to one side and they search.

Make me wonder... why do all this hassle... then I realise that it is because they have national service and most of the people do the searching was young guys so probably as part of the training they post the people there.


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