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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids ..

When we come home my mom will ususally tell us funny stories about what happen to her grandson (yes jake).

Jake is quite popular with the kids outside my house because he is very friendly and he will wag his tail and whine when he see the kids. The kids can touch and pat him and he will never bite them.

Our neighbour has two young girls.. but there is this boy that come over to their house in the afternoon.

My mother will bring jake for his afternoon walk and most the time the kids will be outside playing. My mom told me.. the biy ask her in Manadrin.. "What that in Jake behind ?" My mom thought that Jake has leaf or something stuck to his butt. But before she could answer the elder of the girls who is maybe abt 8 answer and said "Ku Ku gel". My mom was speechless...

i ask my mom why you didn't ask him he don't have ah ????


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