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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update of Chinese Fren and Snoring on Bus

Remember sometime ago I blog abt my fren who went to Ikea. It has been awhile since I went out with him coz I am always away and busy. So he went to Ikea and guess what he told me... He went there and got his cash back.

They gave him cash back and ask him to go get another rod. You know what he did. He pocket the money and went home. I got no words to say.

Took the bus down to Singapore today it was the early morning bus from Bandar Utama. The ride on this bus was very bumpy and I had to close my eyes coz I was feeling quite sick. I was listening to my MP3 player and suddenly I heard snoring noise. hey that cant be part of my music. I look across the aisle and there was this guy snoring away.

Then Li Kwan called me and I told. I held the phone for her to hear the guy snoring but it was not necessary coz even in our conversation she can still here the guy. The snoring got louder and louder. Until the lady next to time can't stand it and woke it up and told him stop snoring. We have to listen to you for 5 hours.

It didn't work.. coz 20 mins later it started again. i think the only time that he stopped was when he ate and play with his handphone. If it was me I would be so embarrass that I would not sleep.

Maybe he doesn't understand English. Coz we at the custom in Singapore and there was this rather fierce looking old lady at the X-Ray machine going like put your handphone in your bag. Take your handphone out from your pocket. She was like shouting at us. I had to take my handphone out and put it in my bag. The snoring guy was in front of me. And the lady actually ask him do you have handphone in your pocket put it in your bag. He said No he dont have handphone. Guess what when he went thru the XRAY machine it beep. And he had TWO handphone in pocket. Then we has scolded by the lady. Then the lady told him to put it in his bag dont put in the tray because the handphone light and the tray will overturn. He still put in the tray and true enough the tray over turn. The old lady said "See See I told you to put in your bag, you never listen." wah if me I dont where to hide my face.


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