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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Why Why

As most of you know I ahve been going down to Singapore often. Sometimes I drive sometimes I take bus.

This time I took the bus down and I had to walk quite far this time because I want to sneak into my sister hotel. On Sat my cousin call me to ask me to bring down some milk powder for his cousin. So I had to bring 4 tin of milk powder in a bus, then walk from the MRT station to my office, about a 20 mins walk. Why on those time that I drive NOBODY ASK ME To bring anything down. Lucky the lady came and take the milk powder before i go to hotel.

I had to delay my trip back for because customer suddenly change meeting time on me. So what choice... then my sister brought a small bag to Singapore and she had some stuff that they gave her during the team building exercise and she ask me to bring home. Hello... I taking the bus and have to carry all my stuff to customer place (taking mrt and taxi) the reason being.. I scare I miss bus. My sister taking PLANE back and hey....

To top it off... before we left for Singapore my mom said BUY BREAD. I told my sister your turn to buy and since you take plan you can buy. When we were at hotel last night... she told you buy bread.. her excuse she got no time. what can i say... it is for mom.


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